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Business Coaching

Whether you would like to assist new and aspiring leaders, improve your own communication, motivate staff, build effective teams, build confidence or improve presentation skills coaching with me can help.  

Would you like to improve team work within your business?

Perhaps you would like to communicate more effectively as a leader or gain confidence and skill as a presenter and speaker?

Coaching can increase productivity and enhance business growth and help reduce staff sickness, increase morale and lower stress.

communication             - teams - motivation - leadership - speaking - presentation - confidence

business growth - empowering leaders - staff development - organisation

Business coaching helps you focuses on your goals and aspirations, challenges limiting beliefs, offers new skills, builds confidence, and improves communication.

“Karen’s knowledge of psychology has been not only fascinating, but has been exceptionally useful in coaching me in leading challenging teams and working with difficult individuals. My understanding of team dynamics has been considerably enhanced and my ability to shape the discussion and lead the team to where I want them to be is far more effective. I would thoroughly recommend Karen if you have difficult individuals in your team, or if you have those who say ‘You’re a tough act to follow’. Karen helped me to devise the way forward so it’s more about now and the future, and less about the past.”

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