Client Feedback

All testimonials are presented anonymously and with the permission of the client.

“I couldn’t have got through this without you.” Counselling Client

“I can tell you anything without fear of judgement or shame.” Counselling Client

“100% satisfaction and everyone felt the session was run well and at a good pace.” Training Client

“Karen Janas doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach:she will listen to your individual needs and tailor her coaching accordingly. … I came to Karen because there was a particular event on the horizon that I wanted to perform at. With Karen’s encouragement and expert advice (including advice on delivery, as well as a number of tips on dealing with nerves before and during the event) I quickly got the stage where I now feel able to read in public again – perhaps even to enjoy it! Best of all it’s given me the confidence to take on those public speaking events I was starting to avoid, and that could make a real difference to my career.” Coaching Client

“Karen’s knowledge of psychology has been not only fascinating, but has been exceptionally useful in coaching me in leading challenging teams and working with difficult individuals. My understanding of team dynamics has been considerably enhanced and my ability to shape the

discussion and lead the team to where I want them to be is far more effective. I would thoroughly recommend Karen if you have difficult individuals in your team, or if you have those who say ‘You’ve a tough act to follow’. Karen helped me to devise the way forward so it’s more about now and the future, and less about the past.”

Coaching Client

“We have used Karen for business and personal coaching for our staff with great results in productivity and communication. I have also used Karen for the last seven months for business and personal coaching. I have always found Karen professional and knowledgeable.” Coaching Client

“Karen is quite simply superb. She is so easy to work with and she never ever made me feel stupid.  She helps not only with the speaking but all the other “bits” that you just would not consider e.g. gestures, smiling etc etc…Thank you so much Karen, it has been a real joy to work with you and you get my recommendation.” Coaching Client

“I thought you ran the course very well with great conviction. You are a very flexible trainer and easy to work with. You adapt very well to your audiences needs.” Training Client