I will be launching new CPD workshops for counsellors in 2018.  The three workshops are:

  • Counsellor Self-Care
    • It is an ethical requirement that counsellors look after their own self-care, and it can be challenging!  This workshop looks at what we can do to support ourselves, ensure we are giving ourselves enough self-care and developing a mindset that prioritises us.
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Counsellors
    • Do you ever wish you could promote your business and services, perhaps at local networking events or business gatherings?  Maybe you have felt anxious about speaking in public. This workshop looks at effective public speaking for counsellors, helps you develop confidence and build your ‘elevator’ pitch, so you can better promote your services.
  • Boundaries in Counselling
    • We all know that we need to have boundaries in our professional life.  Some of these are very obvious and some are more challenging to spot.  Some boundaries are necessary for everyone and some boundaries are specific to us as individuals.  This workshop goes through both sets and helps you feel confident with the boundaries that you include in your practise.

If you would like further information and to be added to lists for these workshops please do email to let me know.  All workshops would be 10.00am – 4pm, delivering five hours of CPD. A certificate of attendance will be provided on completion of the workshop.