Would you like to achieve more at work or in your business?

Would you like to build your confidence and self-esteem?

Are you looking to change your career or planning a promotion?

Would you like to communicate more effectively?

Do you get nervous when presenting to a group or public speaking?

Would you like to gain confidence and skill when delivering a speech, or prepare for a specific event?

Business Coaching

Whether you would like to assist new and aspiring leaders, improve your own communication, motivate staff, build effective teams, build confidence or improve presentation skills coaching with me can help.  

Would you like to improve team work within your business?

Perhaps you would like to communicate more effectively as a leader or gain confidence and skill as a presenter and speaker?

Coaching can increase productivity and enhance business growth and help reduce staff sickness, increase morale and lower stress.

Schools Coaching and Training

Communication, Presentation & Public Speaking Coaching & Training for staff and pupils.

Prepare your students for University, work or life and increase their confidence and skills at speaking in public.

Improve teachers presentation skills and communication for leadership. Perhaps you or your colleagues would like to prepare for senior leadership, improve classroom management or increase teaching effectiveness. By improving communication style and skills in presentation and public speaking teachers and senior leaders can improve both their personal and team effectiveness.


The gift of confident public speaking is one you can give the students and teachers of your school or organisation. It can really help them express themselves, speak up and assist them at interview.

Being able to express yourself in different settings and to different audiences is an incredibly important life skill.


Individual one-to-one coaching can be extremely beneficial to teachers and leaders. Preparing for a speech, improving communication skills and developing important tools of leadership, team management and dynamics. These can help improve team performance which ultimately affects school performance.

Presentation & Public Speaking Coaching & Training

For work, presentations, events, weddings, interviews and personal development and communication

be heard – deliver confidently – speak effectively – present clearly – make your point

be understood – develop your own style – overcome nerves – make the right impression

Whether you would like to improve your speaking for work or home, have a speech to give, an interview or wedding, or you hate giving presentations but have to, or feel that your dislike of them has held you back in your career or life then coaching with me could help.

Developing effective and confident communication, public speaking and presentation can help you achieve more at work and be more confident and effective at home.

Maybe you would like to understand how to communicate better, be better understood or find ways to improve your team leadership.

Perhaps you have a special public speaking event to prepare for maybe you would simply like to develop your presentation skills.

Personal, Life & Interview Coaching

Find work/life balance – change your career – get a promotion – develop you presentation skills – improve your relationships – increase your confidence – handle stress – resolve work issues – prepare for interview – develop personal presentation

Whether you would like to make changes in your life, your work, your relationships, your confidence or your communication working with me can help you focus, help you resolve challenges and achieve where maybe you hadn’t before.

Personal Coaching can provide a platform for a new start, positive changes and can really help you find direction.

It is very easy to fall into a life rut, whether at work, or at home. It can almost happen without notice until one day you suddenly find you are not where you wanted to be or are unhappy where you are. Coaching can help.

Give me a call to discuss how I can help and your specific aspirations and goals.

Wedding & Event Speech Coaching

Individual help and professional assistance.

Maybe you have a wedding or an event coming up where you need to give a speech. Perhaps, this doesn’t bother you, but you would like help making the right impression or perfecting your delivery. On the other hand, perhaps the idea of giving a speech fills you with dread and gives you cold sweats! You may like some help writing your speech and in how to deliver it; you may want some coaching to build your skill and confidence and overcome nerves.

Don’t let a speech ruin your big day!

Specialist help with:

  • speech writing
  • delivery
  • confidence
  • overcoming nerves
  • presentation skills
  • public speaking
  • making the right impression
  • relaxing and enjoying it!

Coaching Prices

Coaching prices vary dependent on location and type of coaching you would like.  Prices start from £80 per session.

6+ Sessions = 10% discount

Please get in touch to get discuss specific packages.

Business & Corporate Coaching

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements, business & corporate packages are tailor made.