Presentation & Public Speaking Coaching & Training

For work, presentations, events, weddings, interviews and personal development

be heard – deliver confidently – speak effectively – present clearly – make your point

be understood – develop your own style – overcome nerves

Whether you would like to improve your speaking for work or home, have a speech to give, an interview or wedding, or you hate giving presentations but have to, or feel that your dislike of them has held you back in your career or life then coaching with me could help.

Developing effective and confident communication, public speaking and presentation can help you achieve more at work and be more confident and effective at home.

Maybe you would like to understand how to communicate better, be better understood or find ways to improve your team leadership.

Perhaps you have a special public speaking event to prepare or for maybe you would simply like to develop your presentation skills.

Working with:

  • Individuals
  • Schools
  • Charities
  • Businesses

Public Speaking

Would you like a speaker for your group, conference or meeting?

Speeches can be written and tailored specifically to your requirements, or please find a list of prepared speeches below.

Speeches below are designed to be between 45-120 minutes in duration but can be amended for your needs and can be as quick as a few minutes!

Please get in touch to discuss speaking fees.

I am happy to hear from community groups and charities and do offer special rates. I often speak at Women’s Institutes and other groups.


  • Effective use of social media to promote your group/organisation – I have used social media to quickly build the largest WI in Somerset. An interesting and interactive talk on how you can use it to best advantage.
  • Public Speaking – I have been teaching and coaching public speaking for over 12 years and offer an entertaining look at the top tips and pitfalls.
  • Confidence Skills – We can develop confidence, both in speaking and in life. A fun talk on developing your own confidence.
  • Self Help for Depression & Anxiety – Looking after your mental health. Not always an entertaining topic, but an important one and this talk takes a lighthearted look at how we can best look after our inner world.
  • Chairmanship Skills – Would you like to take control of your meetings and keep to time, ensure objectives are met?
  • The psychological games we play – A fun look at how we interact and how to spot when we or others are playing games and how to pull out of them, if you want!
  • Work / Life Balance – How to get some ‘me’ time in amongst the sea of all the other demands!
  • Organisational Skills – Some tips on how to organise your time to get the most out of your day.